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Are malocclusions destroying your smile? Malocclusions refer to irregular or bad bites that create misalignments in your smile. These can be as simple as a single tooth slightly out of position or extreme spacing issues that leave major gaps between teeth. Listed below are a few common types that exist:

Incisor Malocclusions
– If the center of your upper incisors doesn’t align properly with the center of your lower incisors, you may have misplaced midlines.
– If your upper incisors protrude out past your lower incisors, you may have an overbite.
– If your lower incisors protrude out past your upper incisors, you may have an underbite.
– If your incisors do not meet in the middle correctly when you bite down, you may have an open bite.

Other forms of malocclusion

– If your lower jawbone does not correctly align with your upper jawbone, you may have a crossbite.
– If your teeth do not erupt above the gum line in the proper position, you may have a transposition malocclusion.
– If your teeth are out of their proper alignment, you may have a rotation malocclusion.
– You may have spacing malocclusions if your teeth are overcrowded or if there are large gaps between teeth.

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