Grinding Your Teeth While Sleeping Can Significantly Damage a Tooth

The outer layer on each of your teeth is composed of a strong dental mineral layer of tooth enamel. This biological mineral substance gives your teeth the necessary hardness to breakdown and process foods before swallowing. If you grind your teeth at night on a regular basis, it can apply significant force to multiple teeth…. Read more »

Different Braces to Correct Your Child’s Alignment

Alignment issues, overcrowded teeth, or an under or overbite can significantly affect the functionality and appearance of your son or daughter’s mouth. If it’s not corrected in a reasonable amount of time your child could suffering chips, dental attrition and dental fractures on multiple teeth. Fortunately, Drs. and the orthodontic specialists at clinic can correct… Read more »

Fun Orthodontic Quiz

If you are new to braces, then you probably know there is a lot to learn about them. Understanding how to care for your braces is a key factor in having a successful treatment. To help you during this process, our team here at in , , is happy to give you a fun quiz… Read more »

Simple Measures to Reduce Your Chances of Suffering Dental Trauma

Even though your teeth are extremely durable, there are still a few things that can cause significant dental trauma. This could be as simple as a chipped tooth from using your teeth to open a package or as severe as a knocked out tooth from an unprotected blow to the face. While you can never… Read more »

Is Your Smile in Need of Orthodontic Care?

If you would like to straighten your teeth, there are a few options in general dentistry that may be able to correct very minor malocclusions and bad bites. However, for long-term care designed to help straighten your smile, orthodontics is necessary. Is your smile in need of orthodontic care? Here are some things you should… Read more »

Got Braces? Here’s How to Avoid Bad Breath

Braces can be quite inconvenient at times, especially when they trap food particles and cause bad breath. However, this doesn’t have to be the case for you. To help you fight bad breath, Dr. has some helpful tips that can give you the pristine breath you deserve! First, take advantage of oral hygiene. Brush and… Read more »

Invisalign® can Improve Your Smile

There are many ways Invisalign® can improve your pearly whites. Having an ideal alignment can decrease cavities and other oral health situations. Because of the success Invisalign has already provided, more people than ever before are now turning to them, so they can have a straight and beautiful smile. Here at in , , we… Read more »

Breathing Interruptions from Sleep Apnea Can Tax the Heart Muscle

Sleep apnea is a serious respiratory condition that affects the respiratory health and sleep quality of millions of Americans each year. It can vary in severity and cause. Common symptoms include chronic snoring issues and breathing Interruption while sleeping. Even if you only suffer from mild sleep apnea, you should still seek professional diagnosis. This… Read more »

Are Malocclusions Destroying Your Smile?

Are malocclusions destroying your smile? Malocclusions refer to irregular or bad bites that create misalignments in your smile. These can be as simple as a single tooth slightly out of position or extreme spacing issues that leave major gaps between teeth. Listed below are a few common types that exist: Incisor Malocclusions – If the… Read more »

Periodic Adjustments Are Important for Realigning Your Teeth

Braces are often an effective orthodontic solution that resolves alignment issues with your teeth. The brackets are cemented to the faces of your teeth with a strong dental adhesive. Once bonded and secured, they create an effective system for aligning you’re your teeth. This is done with periodic adjustments at . Each adjustment applies progressive… Read more »