1Many adults and adolescents don’t want obvious braces and would prefer their friends not know they have chosen to align their teeth. Here at McCord Orthodontics we offer several options in aesthetic alignment.

Invisalign® and Invisalign Teen®

Clear plastic aligner therapy is accomplished by progressively changing clear removable trays every 2 weeks. Many patients choose to cut that time in half the AcceleDent® Aura! These clear plastic trays apply gentle forces to the teeth as they are guided into position. While not every patient is a candidate for clear aligner therapy McCord Orthodontics offers multiple aesthetic solutions.

The Invisible Alternative – Braces Without a Trace!

Don’t want the hassle of removable aligners… well the GAC mtm bracket system gives Drs. McCord and McCoy the control of braces but gives patient’s the benefit of truly invisible tooth alignment. The mtm system is a rapid tooth movement system allowing most cases to finish in 8 to 10 months.

Clarity Advanced™ Ceramic Brackets – The Clear Choice

Where complete control of each tooth is needed the choice is clear. The clarity advanced ceramic bracket is currently the most aesthetic bracket on the market.