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Your braces represent a serious step toward realigning your teeth for a healthy mouth and a winning smile. Cleaning and maintaining your teeth and maintaining good oral health is absolutely essential. Problems with cavities can increase the amount of time you need to wear braces.

When you’re first getting used to having braces, you might find it hard to clean some of the hard to reach places. Dr. Layne K McCord & Matt McCoy often recommends a few special tools to consider adding to your oral hygiene routine.

Interdental brushes have small angled brush heads can help brush between wires and brackets as well as removing food particles from the contours where your teeth meet the gums. They are especially handy for getting small food particles out of bands and spacers.

You might want to try using a floss threader if you’re having issues flossing between teeth and around the gum line. This simple loop shaped too, loaded with waxed dental floss can help you floss around the wires and other hardware.

An oral irrigator or dental water jet, creates a focused stream of water that can help loosen and wash away food particles from hard to reach places. Just keep in mind that this is not a viable alternative to flossing.

If you have a question about how to best clean and maintain your braces, you can always call Dr. Layne K McCord & Matt McCoy’s office in Idaho Falls, Idaho at 208.529.8333 for a consultation.