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Do you suffer from any malocclusions or misalignments that can benefit from braces? Braces not only straighten teeth for a much more aesthetically pleasing smile, but they can also provide a number of health benefits. Studies have shown that mouths with straight teeth are much easier to clean and are less at risk for oral health disorders such as tooth decay and gum disease. Here are a number of other benefits that braces can provide:

– Teeth straightened with braces can make basic functions such as eating and speaking easier.
– Teeth straightened with braces are less likely to overlap or damage each other.
– Straighter smiles with enhance your self-image and improve your self-esteem.
– Plaque buildup is less likely to occur with straight teeth because there are less hidden areas for it to hide compared to crooked and overcrowded teeth.
– Braces can help alleviate any stress put on your teeth and jaw from various disorders such as TMD and bruxism.

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