Dr. McCord and Dr. McCoy know that some of our patients don’t like to have their straightening treatment visible to the world, which is why we offer clear and invisible braces. We provide the aesthetic treatment options of lingual and ceramic braces as well as removable aligners at McCord Orthodontics that help us to straighten your smile discreetly. No one will know that you are wearing braces when you visit our orthodontists for clear and invisible braces in Idaho Falls, Idaho.


Invisalign® And Invisalign Teen®—Clear And Comfortable

One of the most popular invisible braces alternatives is the clear plastic aligner therapy of Invisalign. Patients change out these removable appliances every two weeks, simply snapping them over teeth so gentle forces can guide the teeth into a new, more beautiful position. Not all patients are good candidates for Invisalign, but we offer several other aesthetic solutions.


Lingual Braces—The Invisible Alternative

If you don’t want to deal with removable aligners but still do not want people to see your braces, then lingual braces may be the best option. We use the GAC mtm bracket system, where we apply the brackets and wires of braces on the back of teeth, making them a truly invisible straightening solution. Another benefit of the mtm system is that it is also used for rapid tooth movement, completing most malocclusion cases in just 6-8 months.


Clarity Advanced™ Ceramic Brackets—The Clear Choice

If your malocclusion case requires complete control of each tooth, then the choice is clear about the best straightening treatment. We choose the Clarity Advanced for these cases and for patients who don’t want visible braces because the brackets of this system match tooth color, blending in with your smile. In fact, the Clarity Advanced brackets are some of the most aesthetic type on the market.