Back row: Aracely, Jody, Laurie, Haley, Dr. McCoy, Dr. McCord, Kristi, Tina, Becky, Ashley
Front row: Madison, Crystal, Jason, Debbie, Brandon, Brooke, Torrie

Ashley – Orthodontic Assistant
Ashley graduated from EITC in dental assisting and has been part of our dental team for almost three years. One of her favorite parts of working at our office is getting to know our patients on a more personal level. She also likes having fun with our awesome team! Ashley is one of our nationally certified orthodontic assistants and also helps out by ordering supplies for the office.

Ashley has been married to her husband, Todd (who she thinks is a hunk!), for almost five years. They have an adorable one-year-old, Oliver. In her free time, Ashley loves photography, sewing, vintage goodies, and spending time with family.

Brandon – Orthodontic Assistant
Brandon has been part of our team for almost one year, and he loves getting to know our patients. He is excited to have an opportunity to be part of the profession that he loves; he is currently applying to dental schools and hopes to start dental school within the next few years. Brandon always has a positive attitude and you can feel his passion for what he does.

Brandon is happily married. He and his wife currently have one son who is a handful, but they love him!

Kendra – Orthodontic Assistant
Kendra joined us at McCord Orthodontics in August 2014. She is certified in dental assisting and expanded functions, and is nationally certified in orthodontics. Kendra thinks it is amazing to be able to work in such a fun and caring atmosphere and to see how we can improve people’s smiles and lives. She enjoys interacting with all of our wonderful patients and assisting the doctors with orthodontic procedures.

Kendra is married and has three amazing children. In her free time, she enjoys playing volleyball, reading, camping, hunting, and spending time with her family.

Brooke – Orthodontic Assistant
Brooke has had the opportunity to be part of McCord Orthodontics since May 2014. She is certified in dental assisting and expanded functions, and is also nationally certified in orthodontics. Brooke always has a positive attitude and is a hard worker. Her favorite part of working at our office is all of the friendships she has gained with our patients. It is always fun for her to laugh and joke with our patients and team. Brooke also loves to share in the special moment when the patients get their braces on and that first smile when they get their braces off.

Brooke has been married to her wonderful husband, Eran, for thirteen years. They have two amazing children, Kennedy (age 13) and Jaxson (age 9). When she is not working, Brooke enjoys coaching volleyball, spending time with friends and family, and supporting her kids with their sports and activities.

Jason – Orthodontic Assistant
Jason, a nationally certified orthodontic technician, joined our team in July 2014. He is currently attending Idaho State University and earning his bachelor’s degree in biomedical science; he hopes to apply to dental school in 2016. Jason’s favorite part of our practice is our team – we have a great team and all work well together to be one of the best orthodontic practices in town. He always does his best to learn quickly, listen to and love our patients, and serve his coworkers when he is able.

Jason has been married to Holly Anne for two years, and they have a 6-month-old little girl named Lainey. Away from work, he loves to be outdoors hunting or fishing. He also loves any kind of sporting activity, including basketball, baseball, football, snowboarding, and waterskiing.

Aracely – Orthodontic Nutrition
983_Aracely_MendozaAracely has been with our practice for over a year and she loves being part of our team and interacting with her coworkers and patients. She loves that our dental office is one big happy family. Aracely contributes to the success of the practice by being the best team member she can be and by also being bilingual. Prior to her dental career, Aracely graduated from Eastern Idaho Technical College and received her dental assisting and expanded functions certificate in 2012.

Aracely has a 2-year-old baby boy named Yahir and he makes her life 100 times better. In her free time, she likes to go dancing, camping, and being with her family.

Laurie – Office Coordinator
Laurie graduated from Idaho State University with a dual bachelor’s degree in special education and education, as well as a minor in consulting. She was on the Dean’s List, and she is now close to having her degree in business management as well. Laurie loves learning and continues to take more classes! She has been part of our team for almost one year and loves the people she is able to work with at McCord Orthodontics – including our patients and our team. According to Laurie, we have the best group of patients and employees that anyone could ever ask for! She loves being able to work with our patients and their families, seeing their lives change, and witnessing the huge smiles both when they are getting braces on and even bigger smiles when their treatment is finished. Laurie is always positive, pays great attention to detail, and is willing to go the extra mile to get things done right. She loves working at McCord Orthodontics!

Laurie is married and they have five wonderful children (three boys and two girls), as well as one son-in-law, two daughters-in-law, and three (almost four!) awesome grandchildren. Laurie loves them all, and they are the joy and motivation in her life. She has a lot of hobbies, including crafts, scrapbooking, sewing, embroidery, quilting, skiing, waterskiing, boating, learning new things by attending school, hanging out with her family, and best of all, being a grandma!

Debbie – Financial Coordinator
Debbie became part of our team at McCord Orthodontics in 2014 and enjoys rubbing shoulders with some truly amazing patients and working with a great team of coworkers. She strives to contribute to the positive environment that makes people feel welcome in our office.

Debbie has been happily married for 29 years, and she has four great kids and four beautiful grandchildren. When she is not at work, she loves skiing, boating, camping, cooking, and being a grandma.

Jody – Marketing Coordinator
Jody has a degree in paramedicine and has an extensive marketing background. She joined us at McCord Orthodontics one year ago and loves making a difference in peoples’ lives, one smile at a time. Jody believes that success in our office is a team effort, and everyone has a role that contributes to that success. She often helps to pick up the slack when necessary and join the team together to accomplish our goals.

Jody is the mom of four children – aged 15, 13, 9, and 8 years old. She enjoys soccer and hiking in the mountains.