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Are you currently going through the orthodontic process with braces? If so, it is tremendously important to take great care of your teeth and braces. In order to do so, orthodontists today strongly recommend participating in a productive and efficient oral hygiene routine every day, which should include the following steps:

1. Get ready to brush: Right before you brush your teeth, make sure you remove all of the rubber bands and attachable appliances from your braces.

2. Brush: When you brush your teeth, use a strong and durable toothbrush that withstands your braces and does a thorough job. As you brush, spend about 10 seconds cleaning each tooth, scrubbing around the brackets, wires, and pins or your braces. Make sure you brush your teeth every morning and every night to remove the plaque, excess food, and debris from your teeth.

3. Floss: Flossing with braces can be a bit tricky at times, which is why orthodontists usually provide flossing tools, like floss threaders, when you begin your orthodontic treatment. While flossing, send one end of the floss through the space between the wire and your tooth. Then, gently press the floss between your teeth and free any excess food that may be stuck.

4. Rinse: When you are done brushing and flossing your teeth, rinse your mouth with fluoride or bacteria-killing mouthwash for about 30-40 seconds. This will strengthen your teeth and help them fight bacteria, decay, and infection.

It is also very important to avoid eating these foods while you have braces:

• Sticky foods, like caramel, taffy, and bubble gum
• Foods that are hard to eat, like corn on the cob, apples, and bagels
• Popcorn
• Nuts
• Ice
• Carrots
• Pretzels

To find out more ways to thoroughly clean and care for your teeth, call our office today and talk to our orthodontic team. We are delighted to help you have the best oral health possible!