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Dr. Drew is a practicing dentist at Oxford Dental Care here in Idaho Falls.

Many people may not realize how an orthodontist can help a dentist to ideally re-position teeth, prior to the dentist restoring missing or troubled teeth. While your dentist may be very talented at creating a life-like restoration of your smile – and restoring your chewing ability –  there are certain limitations within which your dentist must operate. For instance, a certain thickness of restorative material is necessary to provide adequate strength and aesthetics. When space is limited between teeth, or when teeth are in an unfavorable position, an orthodontist can re-position teeth to provide the ideal scenario for the placement of restorations.

In other instances, restorations and the treatment of decay need to be performed by your dentist prior to orthodontic treatment. During orthodontic therapy, it can be more difficult to maintain adequate oral hygiene. If you have existing decay, that can further damage your teeth. Your dentist and hygienist can help you to keep your teeth and gums healthy while wearing braces. It is important that your dentist and orthodontist work together in a coordinated effort to provide the most ideal and healthy result in in the restoration of your smile.